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We started one day like this. On the 3rd of august we discussed about a trip to Thanthirimalaya.We went there about we started our trip and we took went on short cut ways. On the way, we went to a place like a temple with caves den. But, we faced a funny problem. Some people of that temple said to us we had to go wearing a “cheeththa”.So it was very difficult for us. That temple is called “Barathanaga Aranya Senasanaya”. It is situated on the road Thanthirimalaya. The dharma hall is situated under the rock. That temple was founded about 4 or 5[century. The person who found the temple was “Barathanaga”. There are cultural letters carved into the rock. The meaning of it is Barathanaga rock. That graffity is like this.                                                    

Through this ancient graffity have some ancient things. We can prove evidence about ancient people’s details and what skills they possessed. I think they prove our heritage. After that place we went to Thanthirimalaya .There is a kind of butterflies called “Thanthiri”. One day the founder of Thanthirimalaya had see that butterflies on the rock like a necklace (Maalaya).  The thanthri and Malaya was put together and called Thanthirimalaya. It was found before 2300 years ago. Before discovering Thanthirimalaya it was a village called “Thiwakka Bamunu Gama”. The person who found Thanthirimalaya is the “Thiwakka acetic”. There are many subplaces within thanthirimalaya. These are the bodhiya, stoopa, sleeping Buddha’s statue, Samadhi statue, museum and the dens with graffity and arts. We thought that arts were by the veddha. There was a saying, that the Boa tree of thanthirimalaya is a cutting of Jayasrimabodiya from Anuradhapura. That the thero Sangamiththa came to Sri Lanka with Sri Maha Bodhiya and rested thanthirimalaya rock and then thanthirimalaya boa tree was planted and there was a Lord Buddha’s stature from Thailand with gold color.                                                                After all I found it. It was very funny. We had our lunch on the rock. The foods were very tasty because, we all ate together. There were two ponds near the rock. We washed our faces from pond and abruptly we saw a crocodile. He had been opened his mouth over on the pound. It was the first time I saw a crocodile from my own eyes. First time I had not believed that animal was a crocodile because I had never seen one. After that we picked up stones and we threw it at him and after it that we had many fruits. Then I climbed many rocks with my sisters, Chamila akka, Nalika akka, Mr.Ananda Hendrick and my parents. This is my first hand experience.    


I saw so many trees and flowers on the rock. There was another wonderful thing to say see you know there is a certain kind of tree. I think it’s called: cactus” .The wonder was that trees grow on the rock without water, any soil and many other nutrients. There are many archeological findings buried under were build and the rock. There is a beautiful museum at thanthirimalaya. It has many historical valuables with are priceless. There were olds pictures of the Lord Buddha statues, statue of gods and so many other things from ancient times. I think ancient people were clever to create like that stoopa.                           My family members. Mr.Ananda Hendrick, Nalika akka and Chamila akka we all are went together to thanthirimalaya. We had our lunch near the pond. Chamila akka is a little bit on the heavy side and therefore she ate too much. After she couldn’t climb the rock with us. So we said to her, “if you eat more then you will be sleepy”. After that we went to see the veddha’s arts. We saw very beautiful plants like flowers. I was going to cutting of the plant but they only grow on rock. Mr.Ananda Hendrick and my farther went first and we followed later. First, we can’t find them quickly a short time and so we went to forward and then we met them. My mother and Chamila akka were resting near the pond. We came back and we saw the “poth gula”. But it didn’t have anything. I saw a foundation of the palace then there are many flowers and plants at the thanthirimalaya. Nalika akka was a discover that day. I think she likes to search many different things about plants and environment. I heard that scientists are like that. . Nalika akka is like a scientist. Also we had very funny phrase. It was from my sister. She ate many things like Chamila akka and my younger sister said”Oh my stomach will burrstone”. So, I was very happy and had many experiences that day.       

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We are the buds that will bloom in the future. We should try to meet our parent’s expectations. Education is a true gift. Education can never be stolen from us. It is not only to pass the exams or do your jobs but also to help become good citizens in our country. Our teachers encourage us to do this. To help and love others you need to have a good heart. We don’t know what the future holds for us. Today if we learn good habits we can have a sparkling future. And achieve through this education a prosperous future.                                                                 An education is worth while only to those who try to learn, aspire to learn. There is a path laid out for you to follow using your vision why follow a path as a blind man. We live in a novel world. Man is developing little by little. Therefore Education is very useful like gun to man. Live in the future with education.

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                       THE PLACE OF SPORTS IN A CHILD’S LIFE.                                                                                                     

Healthful man is who say this.Fulling physical, communication and mind people. In child’s life sports are the best needy things. Children play many games school and out side. There are two kinds of sport. They are indoor games and outdoor games. Net ball, foot ball, volley ball, cricket, running and jumping events are the outdoor games. Chess, Carom, Dam and tennis are the indoor games. Sports help for the physical development of a child. Sports kill some illnesses in our body. However, we need to balance our work and play in our life.                                                                                                                                                                  In your time table include some times for sports and exercises. Sports help to you in any day .We must do our works according time table. Don’t you have a time table yet? Please create your own time table and balance your works and games now. Long live the community.     


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